Evolution Fuels Acquires Second Kansas Fuel Station

Evolution Fuels Inc. has executed a second lease agreement with J&J Developments Inc. (J&J) for a fuel station located in Topeka, Kan. 

This is the second station of what Evolution Fuels expects will be a series of locations leased from J&J. The station is located on a prime intersection of Topeka that experiences an average traffic count of more than 25,000 vehicles per day. This newly constructed fuel station/convenience store is strategically located at the northeast corner of the intersection of S.E. Adams St and S.E. 15th St, which serves as a major corridor within eastern Topeka. 

The station has five Dresser Wayne multi-product blending dispensers that will each provide E20 (20% ethanol/80% gasoline), E30, and E85 blended products, as well as regular and premium gasoline. There is also a diesel dispenser that will offer a blended biodiesel product.  

The company is in the process of re-imaging the station to the “Evolution Fuels” brand, and expects to begin operations before the end of this month. Evolution Fuels also  has leased a fuel station in Manhattan, Kan., which was announced on Feb. 2, 2010.

The company will summarize the terms of its leasing activities in its next quarterly financial filing. As part of its overall strategic plan, Evolution Fuels has formed an alliance with J&J, a premier commercial real estate developer with a strong focus on fuel stations, convenience stores, and truck stop travel plazas. This alliance extends Evolution’s planned rollout region to the state of Kansas, and helps to expedite the plan in other areas of the Southwestern U.S.  




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