Zippo Acquires Ronson Corp. Assets

Bradford, Pa-based  Zippo Manufacturing Company has completed the purchase of substantially all of the assets of Ronson Consumer Products Corporation of Woodbridge, N.J., and Ronson Corporation of Canada Ltd.; and certain related assets of Ronson Corporation.

Zippo is one of the world’s most widely recognized brands, best known for its iconic refillable windproof lighter. The Zippo product line also includes lighter accessories, butane candle lighters, lifestyle products for men, and an outdoor line of products and accessories introduced earlier this year.  

Ronson markets a range of lighter fuels and accessories, as well as an assortment of refillable butane pocket lighters, utility lighters and torches.

The acquisition will put financial strength behind the Ronson brand, and create opportunities for innovative product development. The Ronson product line will continue to be marketed and sold under the Ronson name through its currently established sales and distribution channels.

According to Zippo President and CEO Greg Booth, “Adding the venerable Ronson trademark to our family of brands provides an opportunity to expand our business, particularly leveraging Ronson’s competitive position in the lighter and fuels markets. We are very excited about the growth opportunities for both brands.”

The Zippo purchase does not include the Ronson Aviation subsidiary of Trenton, N.J. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed by Zippo.



  1. M.J.Kennedy says:

    It must be the zippo policy to undermine the once-fine name of Ronson by selling inferior products under that name because I was given a fireplace lighter that is such a piece of crap that the only way to light it is with another lighter. And good luck finding a way to seek recourse. Better to throw it away and buy a bic. Nice work, zippo.

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