7-Eleven Inc. Wins Retailer Chief Award for Merchandising Excellence

This week, 7-Eleven is being honored by Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI) as the 2009 winner of the Retail Chief Award for Merchandising Excellence.

The award will be given during POPAI’s Annual Night of Honors on Thursday, Jan. 21, in Miami Beach, Fla., concluding the 2010 MarketSmart Conference.

“I can’t think of a more driven, exemplary, and deserving company dedicated to advancing the marketing at retail industry than 7-Eleven,” said POPAI President Richard Winter. “7-Eleven not only pushes for policies and practices that help elevate the industry, but they also work on a daily basis to ensure that they are meeting and exceeding the needs of the consumer as well.”

The criteria used in determining the Chief Retailer Award recipient included a commitment to marketing at retail advocacy, a proven history of activism on behalf of the marketing at retail community, and success and growth as a company – all areas in which it said 7-Eleven has excelled. 

7-Eleven has conducted a myriad of marketing campaigns and implemented promising marketing at retail technologies in 2009 to spur an increase in impulse purchases and provide consumers with a more tailored and interactive in-store experience. Technologies the convenience store retailer unveiled include mobile marketing coupons in some 200 stores in the San Diego area and one of the nation’s largest in-store TV networks with an estimated reach of 190 million viewers.

While 7-Eleven placed great emphasis on the consumer, the world’s largest convenience store retailer has not forgotten about giving back to the retail community at large. In July the company launched an ambitious grassroots initiative aimed at gathering one million petition signatures from customers to change the way credit card companies do business with retailers across the country. The impetus behind the campaign was simple: An average of two out of every one hundred dollars Americans spend goes to transaction fees, and for many businesses, transaction fees are now their highest non-labor cost, growing even faster than health care costs.

7-Eleven has embarked on a major growth plan including opening some 250 stores in the U.S. and Canada this year after opening more than 200 stores in 2009. In addition, 7-Eleven is providing more franchise opportunities through its Business Conversion Program, whereby the company invites qualified owners of mom-and-pop convenience stores or other small retail outlets to rebrand their operations as a 7-Eleven store.  There are now 180 of these conversions in the U.S. since the program started in 2005.

Since 1936, POPAI has served as the leading international advocate and voice of the marketing at retail industry. Comprised of 20 chapters worldwide and serving more than 1,700 members internationally, POPAI promotes, protects and advances the broader interests of the marketing at retail community through original research, certified education, showcasing industry excellence, trade forums and protecting intellectual and legislative rights





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