Wawa Assists Haitian Relief Effort

In response to the devastation in Haiti caused by the recent Haitian earthquakes, Wawa Inc. has launched of a chain-wide, in-store crisis campaign, designed to send aid to those affected. 

The campaign is being held  in partnership with the American Red Cross and allows customers to help contribute to the disaster effort  through scannable UPC coupons in which customers can add $1 to their Wawa purchase at checkout.   

“Wawa has always had a strong commitment to providing crisis response and assisting those in need, and we’ve been partnering with the American Red Cross in these kinds of efforts for decades,” said Howard  Stoeckel, Wawa’s president and CEO.  “We have a long history of supporting the Red Cross that includes  providing aid for Hurricanes Andrew, Katrina and Rita, the Midwestern Floods, the Asian Tsunamis and Sept. 11.  We are committed to doing everything we can to assist in this recent disaster.”   

All donations made through Wawa’s campaign will be donated to the Red Cross International Response Fund and will be designated specifically for the current crisis in Haiti.  These funds will be used to help the  Red Cross provide immediate and vital support to Earthquake victims.  

“Wawa has been a committed partner to Red Cross relief efforts at home and abroad for many years,” said Tom Foley, CEO of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Red Cross.  “We are grateful for their quick action on this tragedy in Haiti.” 

In addition to funds raised through the in-store campaign, Wawa will also make a $20,000 donation to the Red Cross International Relief Fund.   The campaign will run from Jan. 14-20 in all of  Wawa’s 570 stores throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

“We’re constantly overwhelmed by the concern and generosity of our customers, who realize that through a  small donation, they can help make a huge difference,” said Stoeckel.  “We have full confidence that our  associates and customers will commit themselves to making this campaign a true success.”





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