Studies Show Coffee Is Good For Health


Customers are growing more health conscious. And, in an effort to limit caffeine, some choose cutting back on coffee intake as a New Years resolution. But research shows a cup of joe may actually improve health, which is good news for retailers seeking to draw consumers to their hot dispensed beverage bar in 2010.


Numerous studies show that a cup of joe can help lower the risk of everything from cancer to Alzheimer’s Disease, NBC Washington reported. Five cups a day can reportedly reduce the chance of developing Alzheimer’s by 65%, six cups can lower a man’s risk of prostate cancer, and women who drink four cups each day can cut their risk of stroke by 43%, according to the article.


Three cups reportedly lowers the risk of gallstones by 20% and just two cups a day can positively impact mental health and one study reported can lower the risk of suicide in women by 60%. Those who consumer just one cup may be 7% less likely to develop type two diabetes.







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