Wendy’s Debuts Mobile Coupons


Wendy’s International is taking its first steps into the world of mobile coupons with help from partner Options Media Group Holdings, a services provider for on-demand e-mail marketing, Brandweek reported.


Through the new campaign, customers in the Northeast can opt in for mobile coupons and ads, which arrive via text message, in return for discounts at select Wendy’s locations.


“We found from past campaigns that text messaging-based incentives work very well,” said Scott Frohman, Option Media’s CEO. “Consumers tend to look at text messages quicker than e-mail, so it’s an instant result for [the brand]. And it’s something that’s very beneficial to the consumer.”


Options Media has a similar partnership with Domino’s, and is assisting other fast food chains and hoteliers rollout mobile coupons.


Earlier this month, 7-Eleven launched its mobile marketing campaign trial in San Diego through the end of 2009, and is now considering expanding the program.


The idea of mobile coupons seems to be catching on with consumers too. According to Forrester Research, 80% of consumers were opposed to mobile ads in 2006, compared just to 61% in 2008. Younger consumers are the most open to the idea. 




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