Utah Joins Fight Against Interchange Fees


Utah gas stations and convenience stores have joined the petition drive against credit card swipe fees this week, Desert News reported, and through mid-January retailers will be encouraging customers to sign.


Thus far, more than 10,000 convenience stores nationwide have joined the petition drive. John Hill, state director of the Utah Petroleum Marketers and Retailers Association, told the Desert News he hopes Utah will offer a large response too.


“We have been approaching Congress for several years to try to require more transparency in allowing retailers to negotiate interchange fees with the bank. Until two years ago, (retailers) weren’t even allowed to see all of the 1,500-page contract they signed,” Hill said.


7-Eleven stores have already delivered nearly 1.7 million customer signatures urging Congress to stop unfair credit card fees-“the most signatures ever delivered to Congress on a policy issue in American history,” Hill noted. Retailers across the nation hope this drive will surpass that. 




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