New Gift Card Aimed At Hispanic Community


Univision Communications Inc., a Spanish-language media companyhas introduce the Univision MasterCard Gift Card (Tarjeta de Regalo Univision MasterCard) issued by The Bancorp Bank.


The new gift card will provide the U.S. Hispanic community the gift of choice with a secure, flexible and convenient card that can be used anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted.


Nearly three quarters (72%) of U.S. consumers prefer to receive practical gifts according to a recent MasterCard survey. Shoppers can look to the Univision MasterCard Gift Card as a practical option-particularly for the majority of U.S. consumers who the MasterCard study found like the idea of giving gift cards (55%) and receiving them (56%).


“We are thrilled to introduce the Univision MasterCard Gift Card,” said Ted Zagat, senior vice president Franchise Development and Strategic Partnerships, Univision Communications Inc. “This product provides Hispanics with a culturally relevant, reliable, cost effective, and convenient gift option.”


The Univision MasterCard Gift Card can be purchased at The card is available in four designs in denominations ranging from $20-$500. The purchase fee is $3.95 per card, including free shipping.


“The Univision MasterCard Gift Card provides shoppers with a simple and flexible way to give family and friends what they truly want this year,” said Laura Kelly, group head, Global Prepaid, MasterCard Worldwide. “We’re proud to partner with Univision to develop solutions that meet the payment needs of U.S. Hispanic consumers.”


Unlike a store gift card that limits purchases to a specific retailer, the Univision MasterCard Gift Card can be used for purchases at more than 29 million locations worldwide where Debit MasterCard is accepted, offering significant value for recipients. The card is a prepaid MasterCard card and is used without a PIN to make purchases.






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