Dos Equis Launches Consumer Program

Dos Equis, the fastest growing import beer brand in the U.S., is rolling out the brand’s most interesting Game within the Game January through March consumer program designed to capture the sports enthusiast’s attention and keep grocery, liquor and c-store retailers cash registers ringing during the January through March, 2010 period. 


Playing off the tremendous popularity of the brand’s Most Interesting Man campaign, Dos Equis Game within the Game program provides consumers 21 and older with instant interactive solutions that will help them entertain with a more interesting edge before, during and after the game. Simple party suggestions including interesting games and party tips that will keep party guests engaged during those ‘lull in the action’ moments throughout the game.


“We have created the Game within the Game program to drive display activation, purchase and trial of Dos Equis Lager and Ambar beer by appealing to sports-viewing enthusiasts who want to make their social gatherings the most interesting and fun they can be,” said Brett Steen, channel marketing manager, Heineken USA. “The program includes all of the elements consumers will need to energize their party during the winter sports season and provides our retail partners with the tools to provide added value to their customers and improve their own bottom line.”


At retail, POS materials, pole toppers and most interesting display enhancers including branded dartboards and travel game briefcases will help create Dos Equis in-store destinations where consumers are invited to receive instant access to fun, exciting and easy to execute entertaining ideas via their mobile phone.


A text-in code will be featured on all POS elements encouraging shoppers to receive instant social content including up to 15 games and tips throughout the 13 week promotion. After the promotion, consumers are invited to stay engaged and connected to Dos Equis through social outlets including Facebook, which they can access at home or via their mobile phone.


In addition, IRC and MIR cross merchandising offers pairing Dos Equis with entertaining snack foods perfect for sports-viewing occasions will encourage consumers to serve Dos Equis. 


“Dos Equis understands that consumers/party hosts want their gathering to be the most interesting and fun party possible and retailers want to provide their customers with the tools to make this possible so they will return to their store time and time again,” Steen said. “The Dos Equis Game in the Game consumer program with social media overlay provides all this and more.”


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