Toot ‘n Totum Announces $10 Million Expansion


As Toot ‘n Totum celebrates its 60th year in business next year, it is embarking on a $10 million expansion project in Amarillo, Texas, that will commence in February. The company will add three new stores to its 61 locations and completely replace two existing stores, Amarillo Globe-News reported.


The new designs will give the stores two entrances, more parking, different displays, graphics and reimagined canopies over at least 16 fueling positions per store. Some of the stores will have car washes, lube centers and check cashing facilities for shoppers.


The expansion will add about 80 new jobs to the 800 already employed with the convenience store chain. “This is going to add a lot of people to our workforce, and it’s going to add a lot to the workforce during construction…and with all the vendors that call on us everyday, it creates extra jobs for those people too. So, at a time when everybody else is pulling back, we’re saying we believe in you Amarillo,” Greg Mitchell, president and CEO of Toot ‘n Totum told ProNews 7, an Amarillo, Texas news station.


The company also will take into account environmental factors. Planners are working on water conservation­- from recycling water in carwashes to using less-thirsty plants in landscaping-ways to use less energy, and finding less expensive gasoline options.


“United is actually taking the lead on this,” Mitchell said. “They’re going to their own brand. You have to negotiate with these oil companies. This conversation’s going on for months. It’s a very delicate discussion,” Mitchell told Amarillo Globe-News.


Amarillo National Bank will finance the project, Southwest General Contractors will do the construction, Lavin Architects will develop designs and Amarillo’s Coldwell Banker affiliate will handle the real estate transactions. Construction should take about 16 months.




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