Quality Sign Co. To Provide 7-Eleven With “Green” Signage


Jacksonville, Fla.-based Quality Sign Company, a national sign engineering and manufacturing company, is set to create signage for all of 7-Eleven Inc.’s new stores across the country.


Quality Sign Company will provide exterior double-faced pylon signs and wall signage, all lit exclusively with LED technology. Use of LED lights will provide 7-Eleven stores with significant reductions in carbon footprint, estimated energy savings between 60-80%, an average one-year return on investment and minimized service requirements over the life of their signs.


“For the past 15 years, we have worked with 7-Eleven to produce signage that is innovative and provides consistency among its stores throughout the country,” said Roger Williams, CEO of Quality Sign Company. “This new phase in our relationship with 7-Eleven is a reflection of our continued dedication to bringing our customers cutting-edge technology and cost-efficient solutions.”


Quality Sign Company is one of the only sign manufacturers in the country currently creating double-faced, LED illuminated pylon signs using new lighting technology from GE. The company also is one of a select few to offer LED technology in all of its products.


Quality Sign Company is a major advocate for green initiatives as environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternatives. In addition to the environmentally-friendly LED lights used in the 7-Eleven signage, the signs will feature eco-friendly, low volatile organic compound (VOC) paint, with the safest VOC levels available.







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