Kum & Go Introduces Hiland Premium Artesian Water


Kum & Go c-stores have exclusively introduced Hiland Premium Artesian Water, now available in an ENSO biodegradable plastic bottle.


Hiland Premium Artesian Water is sourced from a natural artesian aquifer that is sealed and protected for purity, producing superior quality water with perfect PH balance.


“Kum & Go is committed to improving our environment and we are thrilled to offer our Hiland Premium Artesian Water in an environmentally friendly bottle,” said Kyle Krause, president and CEO of Kum & Go, which has more than 431 convenience stores in 11 states (Iowa, Arkansas, Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Wyoming).


“We all need to become environmentally aware and we’re taking steps to ensure a better environment for us and future generations,” Krause added.


Hiland Premium Artesian Water will be in ENSO biodegradable bottles, which are designed to biodegrade in a landfill and can also be recycled with standard plastics.


“We’re excited to be working with Kum & Go to launch Hiland Premium Artesian Water in ENSO biodegradable plastic bottles. They are leading the convenience store industry by providing their customers with an environmental solution for bottled water. Having ENSO biodegradable bottles available at all 431 stores is going to have a huge impact on helping our environment,” said Danny Clark, president of ENSO Bottles.






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