Cumberland Farms Celebrates Redesign


On Tuesday, Cumberland Farms’ newest remodeled store in Plainville, Mass., donated 20 cents of every ChillZone beverage or cup of coffee sold to King Philip Regional High School, as part of its grand opening celebration, The Sun Chronicle reported.


Cumberland Farms said it hoped to raise at least $1,000 for the school.


The school plans to buy its sophomores breakfast when they take the state MCAS assessment tests, Assistant Principal Julie Miller said.


“It’s an awesome opportunity for us to give something to the kids that we wouldn’t be able to do otherwise,” Miller said.


Cumberland Farms’ redesign features a bar for fresh coffee, cappuccino, ChillZone and other drink dispensers; a wide selection of wrapped fresh sandwiches, such as chicken parmesan subs; and an area offering fresh breakfast sandwiches and personal pizzas; plus the usual c-store fare.


“We truly believe the pinnacle of convenience is not having to go to multiple places to do their shopping,” said Ari Haseotes, president of Cumberland Farms Retail Division. The design has a “food centric” focus, putting the foodservice options “up front and center,” he added.


Cumberland Farms is doing community fundraisers, such as the one for King Philip Regional High School, during the grand reopening of its remodeled stores. Cumberland Farms officials choose a program to support after talking to community members.


“We’ve attempted to focus-not exclusively, but heavily-on youth-based charities and organizations,” he said.






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