On-The-Go Coffee Drinkers Choose C-stores


A new study by RitterAssociates, 22% of coffee drinkers that are on-the-go, opt to visit a c-store for their coffee. 


According to the survey, more than half of coffee drinking occasions take place outside of the home, and taste is the number one deciding factor followed by value and convenience. 


“We Americans still like a cup of coffee to keep us on the go even in uncertain economic times,” said Stanley Gene Hart, president of Toledo-based RitterAssociates. “We want a good-tasting cup of coffee wherever we buy it.”


RitterAssociates is hosting a free webinar on November 19, 2009 at 2:00 p.m. EST to share study insights through a live webinar that includes a question/answer session.


The survey findings also include what types of stores consumers visit to buy their coffee and the price points they typically pay, as well as demographics based on age and gender. 


For the study, more than 18,000 men and women were invited to participate representing nearly all corners of the U.S. Respondents were categorized by the number of times they typically drink coffee in a week-frequent users five to seven times, moderate users three to four times and light users one to two times.


 Those interested in attending the webinar, follow www.ritterassociates.com/informational-resources/registration_coffee.html. The first 100 attendees to the webinar will receive a complimentary copy of Understanding Coffee Drinking Preferences white paper following the event.





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