Proposal in Macon, Ga. Would Limit Window Signs

A proposed ordinance being discussed in Macon, Ga., would limit signs in Macon convenience store windows as a safety measure to ensure police can see into the stores at night, the Macon Telegraph reported.


The proposal is a direct response to recent violence in the community that saw three people killed at Middle Georgia convenience stores. It would require that at least 75% of a store’s front windows be clear and uncovered and the area with the cash register would need to be visible from outside.


City police officers requested the ordinance, according to Councilman Ed DeFore, who is sponsoring the measure. 


Store owners had mixed opinions on the potential change, with some embracing the idea and others against the idea of the government mandating the action.


The city of Macon already requires security cameras, but there’s an exception for stores with at least two employees on duty.


The ordinance is slated for discussion this Tuesday during a 3 p.m. meeting of the council’s Public Safety Committee at City Hall.




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