Clark and Crown Introduce New Credit Card

Clark Brands LLC, Crown Central LLC and First National Credit Card Center (FNCCC), a division of First National Bank of Omaha, have announced the introduction of the Clark Platinum Edition MasterCard card.


The new credit card will be issued by First National Bank of Omaha and is designed to increase consumer loyalty and add value to Clark’s and Crown’s brand programs.


Clark, with stores primarily in the Midwestern and Central U.S., and Crown, with stores in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast, have partnered to broaden the scope and reach of the new card by co-branding the card with both the Clark and Crown logos.


“We are pleased and excited to introduce the new Clark Platinum Edition MasterCard in partnership with First National Bank of Omaha,” said Clark’s president, Karl Goodhouse. “This card will provide value to our licensees, their dealers and retail customers and will enhance the value of the Clark brand. We’re able to offer a very competitive co-branded credit card that provides great rewards with First National and Crown as our partners.”


The card offers 4% cash back on qualifying purchases made at participating Clark and Crown locations everyday after the introductory period, during which customers enjoy 10% cash back.  Customers gain 1% cash back on all qualifying purchases made anywhere other than a Clark or Crown location. In addition, the card rewards cardholders with $25 in cash rewards once 2500 points have been earned.


“This program will provide the Clark and Crown retailers with an excellent way to reach new customers and retain existing ones, while providing their customers a valuable financial tool with rewards,” said Stephen Eulie, president of First National Credit Card Center.


“The combination of a great consumer credit card product provided through First National Bank and the Crown and Clark store networks create a natural geographic alliance,” added Bob Fritz, general manager of Crown Central. “This partnership will provide benefits for all of our retail customers and store licensees.”


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