C-stores in Quincy Card for Eggs, Shaving Cream on Halloween


Can c-stores play a role in helping to deter vandalism on Halloween? Police in Quincy, Mass., seem to think so.


The Police Department in Quincy, Mass. has asked local convenience store operators not to sell eggs and shaving cream to minors on Halloween this Saturday, the Patriot Ledger reported.


At the 7-Eleven across from North Quincy High School, two signs hang in the windows alerting patrons that “at the request of the Quincy Police Department” eggs and shaving cream won’t be sold to minors this Saturday.


“If they put it up (on the counter), it’s something we have to follow,” said Sirack Mulatu, manager of the 7-Eleven.


Quincy Police Lt. Dan Minton said similar signs will be placed at grocery and convenience stores throughout Quincy to prevent vandalism Saturday night. Other towns on the South Shore have tried the same approach in years past.


On Halloween, stores in Quincy will check the IDs of any teens that try to buy the banned items. Teens interviewed by the Patriot Ledger doubted the ban would be effective, stating teens would simply purchase the products earlier in the week.





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