Wesco Deploys Retalix’s DAX Analyzer


Wesco, a self-distributing convenience store chain with 51 locations across Michigan, has chosen Retalix’s DAX Analyzer, powered by the QlikView business intelligence engine from QlickTech, to further enhance its demand forecasting and replenishment operations.


DAX Analyzer provides Wesco with a dashboard-style business intelligence interface that integrates with the retailer’s existing installation of Retalix’s DemandAnalytX (DAX) solution, and gives company management a high-level view of key performance indicators for inventory and replenishment management.


To-date, the system has helped Wesco experience a 37% inventory reduction and 53% out-of-stock reduction.


“We’ve used DAX for demand forecasting and replenishment for two years, and it has been a wonderful and valuable tool. So we were very eager to obtain DAX Analyzer when it became available,” said Rachelle Osborn, director of information technology at Wesco. “The software’s simplified, yet very intuitive, dashboard interface seamlessly works with DAX to give us quick access to and control over our company-wide retail data, so we can make rapid and optimal supply chain decisions.”


DAX Analyzer gives Wesco an ROI scorecard and drilldown capabilities that help management immediately measure and manage key performance indicator changes to meet business objectives, including out-of-stocks, inventory, inventory days on hand, user change rates of recommended order, inventory counts and spoilage/shrink to indicate a “good,” medium,” or “bad” range.


This allows the user to quickly understand anomalies and their root cause(s). The memory-based dashboard can be personalized for specific time periods or for specific groups of stores or products-and assigned to each user so they see only their data and can take fast action.


“The DAX Analyzer will help Wesco management effectively sift through vast amounts of data and proactively correct inventory and replenishment variances,” said Rik Schrader, senior vice president, Supply Chain Division at Retalix USA. “Retalix DemandAnalytX and the DAX Analyzer were developed to increase a retailer’s visibility and control over their supply chain activities, thus driving down operational costs.”


Retalix DemandAnalytX is a browser-based, demand-driven replenishment solution, designed specifically for food and fast moving consumer goods retailers to optimize inventory and streamline the order process.







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