Demonstration Ends At Suncor Site


A protest ended peacefully yesterday evening after Greenpeace activists who entered Suncor’s oil sands site north of Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada, left the area under police escort.


“We’re happy that we were able to resolve yesterday’s events in a safe and peaceful manner,” said Steve Williams, Suncor’s chief operating officer. “As always, the safety of the people on our site, including the activists, is our number one priority.”


“Despite the relatively quick resolution, our goal is always to engage in open dialogue, rather than confrontation,” Williams said. “We have a long and demonstrated history of conversing honestly and openly with our stakeholders and working with them to realize opportunities and reach better solutions to the challenges of resource development.”


Work with researchers, industry partners, governments and environmental advocates has helped Suncor drive improvements that place the company among Canada’s leaders in reducing greenhouse gas emissions intensity. Since 1990, Suncor’s oil sands emissions intensity has been reduced by nearly half.


While Suncor continues to focus on responsible development of hydrocarbon resources, the company is also among Canada’s leading investors in renewable energy, with four wind farms and a biofuels plant. These facilities currently offset nearly 700,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year.


Suncor’s operations include oil sands development and upgrading, conventional and offshore oil and gas production, petroleum refining, and product marketing under the Petro-Canada brand.






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