NATO Asks FDA For List of Legal and Banned Products


One day after the FDA announced an immediate ban on flavored cigarettes, confusion on just what is legal and illegal to sell still abounds.


The National Association of Tobacco Outlets (NATO) has issued a letter, requesting that the FDA issue a list by brand name of those flavored tobacco products that are and are not banned. It is urging its members to sign and send a copy of the letter to Dr. Lawrence Deyton, the Director of the FDA’s new Center for Tobacco Products.


In other tobacco news, the National Tobacco Company issued a notice clarifying that Zig-Zag Cigar Wraps are a cigar product and therefore not affected by the FDA’s ban on flavored cigarettes or flavored cigarette papers.


“Please note that Zig-Zag® Cigar Wraps are a Cigar product and are NOT a cigarette product. Zig-Zag® Cigar Wraps are designed to be used with Zig-Zag® Pipe Tobacco Cigar blend to allow adult consumers to make their own cigars. As such, these products are NOT impacted by the FDA ban on flavored cigarettes, flavored roll-your-own-cigarette tobacco, and flavored cigarette papers and filters,” the notice read. Those with questions should contact the National Tobacco Company Customer Service department at (800) 331-5962 or








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