Powhatan County C-store to Promote Recycling


To make it easier for residents to recycle, two Powhatan County, Va., organizations have partnered with a local convenience store, the Powhatan Today reported.


Powhatan’s Greenback Alliance, a local coalition of business owners dedicated to promoting environmentally-friendly business practices, and the newly formed Rotary Club of Powhatan have placed a recycling container at a local Lucky’s Convenience Store, located at 2156 Huguenot Trail (Route 711).


Convenience is the key to promoting recycling, Greenback Alliance member Lisa Benusa noted. Because the county does not have curb-side recycling, residents would otherwise have to transport their recyclables to the recycling center, something many may be unlikely to do. Residents, may however, be willing to take a short trip to their local convenience store to drop off recyclables, especially if they have other items they need to pick up. 


“It’s really a win-win, and the county is not spending a dime,” she said.


Plus, it’s just another opportunity for the c-store to drive traffic, as residents dropping off their recyclables may decide to stay and shop. 


The organizations hope to encourage other organizations to start up programs of their own.







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