KSS Launches Profit Tune-Up


KSS Inc.’s consulting division has launched its Profit Tune-Up service.


The short-term advisory and analytics engagement is designed to help fuel retailers, wholesalers and oil marketers identify operational improvements for their fuel pricing processes, and construct optimal pricing strategies that will positively impact their fuel volumes and margins.


The service was created to help fuel marketers cope with the ongoing volatility of crude oil costs and the impact on wholesale rack prices and retail pump prices.


“An effective pricing strategy must incorporate volatile cost changes, competitor responses and your price image while meeting the financial targets desired. The KSS Profit Tune-Up is a proprietary technique with the use of market proven pricing intelligence tools that will help fuel wholesalers and retailers determine the optimal pricing strategies for consistent profitability,” said Ian Helps, partner of KSS Consulting.


”KSS Consulting was launched earlier this year to utilize our vast knowledge and experience in fuels pricing for value added services to fuel wholesalers and retailers,” said Bob Stein, CEO of KSS Inc. “Our Profit Tune-Up service features a highly focused engagement designed to generate short-term profit improvement for fuel retailers and wholesalers, and help them to be flexible and adapt to the new market reality of price volatility.”


KSS’ Consulting Division features fuels pricing experts and proprietary pricing intelligence tools that have helped clients in 25 countries successfully improve profits at 25,000+ fuel sites and rack terminals. The group includes scientific and business minds that help fuel retailers and wholesalers delve to the root problems in their fuel pricing operations, and then develop solutions that promote profitability. 





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