Making Stores Safer


The Middle Georgia Asian American Business Community Association, Macon, Ga., is working to recruit more local c-store owners into their association, 13WMAZ News reported.


The Association’s president Lou Patel said they’re offering tips on ways to increase visibility within stores and improve security, including bulletproof glass. The group formed recently to combat violence in the community and is open to all ethnicities, not just Asian Americans. Storeowners can join the organization for an annual fee of $250.


“We’re also gathering contact information from each convenience store to give to police,” said Patel. He added the group will work to get better rates for bulletproof glass, cameras, health insurance and workers compensation.


The group has nine board members that have each contributed $5,000 dollars to the association. The funds will go toward increasing crime stopper rewards, money for victims’ families and charity work.


Patel told 13WMAZ News that the recruitment effort took place in other Central Georgia areas Monday, including Warner Robins and Perry. “We hope to get about 1,000 people to join in,” said Patel.


Patel and others formed the business group after three recent Central Georgia killings at convenience stores.





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