PCATS Launches Data Security Standards Committee


The Petroleum Convenience Alliance for Technology Standards (PCATS) is hosting a kick-off meeting of a newly established Data Security Standards Committee to address and resolve security-related issues specific to the petroleum convenience retail channel.


The conference call, which will be moderated by the PCATS Data Security Standards Committee Chair Gray Taylor, NACS’ Card Payments consultant, is set for Thursday, Sept.17 from 11:00 a.m -12:00 a.m. EDT.


All petroleum convenience retail industry professionals are invited to attend this initial meeting, regardless of their PCATS membership status, to launch the creation of the PCATS Data Security Standards Committee.


To access the conference call retailers should use the following information:


Toll-Free Access Number: 1-866-321-0159

Toll Access Number: 1-646-216-7270

Participant PIN: 207104#


“The preliminary meeting of the PCATS Data Security Standards Committee will ascertain the industry’s key data security drivers, establish short-term committee goals and lay out a plan to meet their objectives to help position members in the forefront of data security-related issues,” said Bob Sleeper director of technology of The Rutter’s Companies, who also serves as the PCATS Implementation Committee Chair.


The PCATS Data Security Standards Committee will:


    * Provide the industry with a technical focal point on data security and data security standards/mandates;

    * Keep abreast of Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) initiatives and provide clear guidance on best practices and deadlines;

    * Determine the impact of data security standards on all existing PCATS standards;

    * Identify and implement promising data security technologies brought forward by committee members that further meaningful data security in our industry;

    * Establish data security standards best practices that leverage and secure the significant IT investments made by our industry; and

    * Minimize industry investment and uncertainty around security mandates by taking an active role in creating retail data security standards.


“Card companies and PCI have issued far reaching security mandates to retailers, intended to help secure consumer card and transaction data. Our industry’s cost of complying with these mandates will exceed $3 billion-not including fines for non-compliance. As retailers, we share the goal of providing OUR customers a safe and secure card payment infrastructure. This committee will further this goal by providing concise, cost-effective solutions are needed for retailers of all sizes to reduce and eliminate security risks,” said PCATS Electronic-Business-to-Business Committee Chair Alvin Fortson, director of network systems development of The Pantry Inc. He added, “PCATS excels at bringing competitors together to collaborate on critical industry issues, define technology standards and lead us in a direction to maintain our profitability through innovation.”





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