GACS Offers New Program For Single-Store Operators


The Georgia Association of Convenience Stores (GACS), based in Dallas, Ga., has introduced a new membership program for single-store operators: GACS E-Membership.


The new program sends information to a member’s e-mail address, as it works to include Georgia’s growing segment of single-store owners. E-Membership is very affordable at only $100/year for single-store owners, a significant reduction from prior rates.


“We have built this outreach around the idea that ‘If You Have E-mail, We Have the Answers’, in order to help get the word out,” Neal Anderson, GACS membership chairman told NACS. “As we examined our membership mix, it was obvious that the fastest growing segment in our state were new single store owners. It was also obvious that we weren’t very successful in reaching them initially. ” 


“We needed to make a more concentrated effort to get important information to smaller operators,” said Rob Patterson, GACS chairman. “Many violations, such a price gouging, impact not just the individual operator, but the entire industry. We’ve got to get everyone in the information loop. The expansion of the store email database now makes this much closer to reality.”


“We have always stressed that ‘GACS Membership Matters,'” said Jim Tudor, GACS president. “There’s a large number of potential members in our state who we want to reach with this message. It’s good for both the operator and our industry.”


Single-store operators can learn more by going to





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