Premium Brisket Beef Jerky

Prime Snax Inc. of Salt Lake City, a processor of a variety of quality meat snacks and beef jerky, including organic beef jerky, announced the introduction of their newest product line: Desert Star Premium Brisket Beef Jerky. The new jerky boasts an All-American origin, including U.S. grown beef and processing in Prime Snax’ U.S.D.A. approved plant in Salt Lake City. Desert Star Premium Brisket Beef Jerky is moist, tender, soft, and chewy and will be sold in three flavors: Original, Peppered and Sweet ‘n Hot. The jerky has a unique flavor profile not found in other meat snack products. It is available in the popular 7-inch by 9-inch, 3-ounce bag size with an eight-count clip-strip, a 24-count master case, or the popular 36-count shipper display with an eye-catching promotional header card. The product’s unique, gold foil pouch allows it to stand out from the more conventional packaging currently available in the market.

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