New Peeler Saves Money

The new Raw Star Ceramic Peeler is taking the cooking, kitchen and convenience store world by storm. Sales have been increasing as people are discovering all the high-tech, amazing benefits of Raw Star Ceramic Peelers. The peelers never rust, stay razor sharp much longer than any metal or stainless-steel peeler and keep food fresher longer, which saves money. Other brands retail for $11, $15 or $20 but Raw Star Ceramic Peelers are only $3 wholesale, and suggested retail is $6, $7 or $8. Those who have tried the product have given it rave reviews, saying that they like how the product smoothly glides through fruit and vegetables. They appreciate the ergonomic, smooth new design and quality. The product actually will peel mangos or butternut squash, which conventional peelers cannot. In addition, the peeler is set to appear on TV Shows, C-Network Shows that will highly promote and increase sales in your store.

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