New Cinnabon Crisps

Cinnabon Crisps, the latest creation from Nostalgic Specialty Foods (NSF), will be unveiled to select retailers in 2009, including at trade shows, such as the Association for Convenience and Petroleum Retailing NACS Show. The Cinnabon name offers high brand recognition and is synonymous with delicious snacking. These crisps are crafted with Cinnabon’s fragrant, flavorful Makara cinnamon, then sliced and toasted to crunchy, irresistible perfection. Cinnabon Crisps give consumers the incredible sensory experience of Cinnabon in a light, portable snack. The packaging includes eye-stopping and tempting graphics. Cinnabon Crisps are available in 1.5-ounce bags in a 12-count display, perfect for convenience stores. Cinnabon’s expansive licensing program includes market-leading products with Pillsbury Grands! refrigerated and frozen cinnamon rolls, Betty Crocker bake mixes and Seattle’s Best Coffee.

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    Where can I buy Cinnabon Crisps?

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