First Energy Drink With Nitrous Oxide

Monster Energy is launching a new, innovative product called Nitrous Monster. Nitrous Monster is the first and only energy drink to feature nitrous oxide gas technology. The revolutionary new drink boasts a rich creamy texture and a smooth drinkable flavor. Nitrous Monster is packaged in the re-sealable 12-ounce Rexam SLEEK Cap Can with closure technology from Dayton Systems Group . The beverage is available in three varieties: Killer-B, Super Dry and Anti-Gravity. Killer-B contains honey and provides the drinker with a mega-shot of B vitamins, as well as an exotic dose of bee pollen and royal jelly. For the launch, Monster enlisted longtime partner Rexam to develop a purpose-built package. Nitrous Monster is the first brand to use the new 12-ounce SLEEK version of the innovative Rexam Cap Can.

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