Big Flavor In Fewer Bites

These days, having “mini” on the menu means BIG business. To help operators leverage the increasing “less is more” demands of customers in the most flavorful way, Johnsonville Sausage LLC has introduced new Sausage Minis in two marketplace-driven varieties. Mini Stadium Style Brats offer the uniquely seasoned brats customers crave. Mini Italian Sausages feature a special blend of Italian herbs and spices. Hot-off-the-grill and served with all the fixin’s, Minis are a profitable, year-round menu selection for sit-down or grab ‘n’ go. Johnsonville’s Sausage Minis also offer a convenient and profitable way to add big, bold flavor to menus and variety across dayparts. Only 3.5 inches long and 1.6 ounces each, skinless Sausage Minis can be heated for service in minutes, saving both labor and time. Like all Johnsonville Sausage products, Sausage Minis are made with the freshest cuts of pork, with no TVP (textured vegetable protein), fillers or cereals added. They’re packed frozen for storage convenience at 2/5-pounds to a case.

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