Customers Using Coupons from Email, Text Messages


While most Americans still look to the Sunday newspaper and other print sources for coupons, text messages and emails are gaining speed as popular coupon sources, Mediaweek reported.


According to Scarborough Research, 8.6 million (or 8%) of U.S. households gain access to coupons from text messages and/or email.


Meanwhile, 51% rely on their Sunday paper for finding discounts, 35% use in-store coupons, 31% get coupons thought the mail, 21% get coupons through loyalty card programs, 20% look to in-store circulars, 17% find them in weekday newspapers, 16% clip them from product packages, 15% cut them from magazines and 7% download them from Internet sites.


Customers who obtain coupons via text or e-mail tend to be young, affluent, educated and female, and are 14% more likely than the average adult to be between 18 and 24; and 51% more likely to be a college graduate or have an advanced degree.


Increased reliance on cell phones and other personal communications devices, have helped text message coupons grow in popularity and because customers must opt to receive the coupons, it makes the audience more targeted.







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