Former C-store CEO Runs For Mayor


Alvin New, former Town & Country Food Stores CEO, said his background has provided him with the skills he needs to be San Angelo’s next mayor, the San Angelo Standard-Times reported.


New noted that his extensive background in business will be essential as the city begins facing issues, such as infrastructure and water supply updates, more work on the half-cent sales tax projects, job creation and job retention.


As leader of Town & Country, New led a $940 million company with 1,900 employees. “I’m used to budgeting for capital improvement projects and used to borrowing money as we would in the bond market,” New said. “I am used to looking for efficiencies in project management and making projects happen on time. I think that recent background in those issues gives me a unique perspective.”


New filed Tuesday, a month ahead of the Sept. 2 deadline, to run for mayor of San Angelo in the Nov. 3 election. 


As vice chairman of the National Association of Convenience Stores, New said he has lobbied in Washington and Austin and can “hit the ground running” as it relates to lobbying for San Angelo. 


“I felt like the issues that are in front of us right now are issues that I am particularly prepared to affect,” he said. “It feels like what they need right now is served well by my set of experiences and my background.”






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