TOP® Superoll™ Tobacco

With tobacco prices on the rise, TOP Tobacco is providing smokers relief with the introduction of TOP Superoll Tobacco, specially blended and crafted to provide more cigarettes for the price than other pouch or canned tobaccos. Top Superoll tobacco will initially be available in three styles: Full Flavor, Menthol and Light. Breaking from TOP’s conventional packaging, the new Superoll products will also be available in small, medium and large bags, along with pouches and canisters. Bags will pack 72 small, 36 medium and 12 large per case; pouches pack a dozen 12’s per case and canisters carry 12 per case. Sporting a new contemporary design, Superoll will spin off the shelves at retail outlets and into the hands of consumers who are excited to see a great value and premium product. 

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  1. It’s not real tobacco. It’s shredded paper made from pulped tobacco stems, twigs and other debris. There is no savings, either. Sure a pouch is $3.09 at my local Jewel but it’s only 0.4 oz. The Bugler which is $5.49 is 0.6 oz. But the price illusion is secondary. The main concern is what paper pulp chemicals are going in our lungs.

  2. Carol Burwell says:

    How much is a small pouch of tobacco, .4 oz.

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