Mini Monster Battered Taquito

Are your roller grills still bringing consumers into your stores? Today quality, value and a trusted brand are more important than ever.  Your customer knows Don Miguel stands for quality and authentic Mexican foods.  Don Miguel’s new Mini Monster Battered Taquitos maintain this tradition, which the company began in 1908. Its 3-ounce battered taquitos bring with them a tradition of quality and taste. It starts with fresh beef, chicken, peppers, real cheese and spices all cooked in a proprietary process, then wrapped in tortillas baked fresh in its bakery, daily. Customers demand quality and Don Miguel delivers! Its battered taquitos deliver the crunch, taste and portability your consumers expect. Load up your roller grills with these new items and watch customers “batter up” to taste the tradition. Don Miguel’s Mini Monster Battered Taquitos offer portability, profitability and superiority. Try some today!

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