Low-calorie Vitamin Water

In response to consumers’ thirst for more great-tasting, low-calorie hydration, Glacéau vitaminwater10 will introduce four brand-new varieties on Aug. 17. Currently available in New York City and southern California, the low-calorie game-changer will flood stores nationwide next month. The four new varieties are go-go (mixed berry), mega-c (grape raspberry), revitalize (green tea) and recoup (peach-mandarin). The vitaminwater10 go-go contains 250 milligrams of ribose, 100% vitamin c, 25% vitamin e and four b vitamins per bottle. Mega-c is formulated with 250% vitamin c, 25% zinc, plus four b vitamins per bottle, for an immune system boost. Revitalize offers 140 milligrams of protective antioxidants like vitamin c, egcg and green tea polyphenols per bottle. Recoup is armed with 100% vitamin b3, b5, b6 and b12, per bottle, plus 100% vitamin c.

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