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GSP Marketing Technologies, a provider of strategic marketing at the point of purchase, worked with Maverik and its candy vendors to clean-up merchandising of candy in their storefront with the development of a customized candy display.


Maverik’s category managers and marketing department collaborated with GSP Maverik’s to design large rolling bins with Maverik’s adventure-themed graphics. The bins’ adjustable shelving enables store personnel to store varying amounts of product. 


Maverik, based in Salt Lake City, operates more than 194 convenience stores in the Rocky Mountain region.


“We wanted to address many things with this new display”, said Rich McKay, category manager at Maverik. “Reducing overall clutter in the store while improving the coordinated look was paramount.  The new display met our goals, our budget and brought a great new look into our stores.”


The primary challenge was to find an alternative solution to the standard cardboard shippers from distributors. The new bin had to carry retailer-specific branding and had to fit into the schematics of the existing store theme: Adventure’s First Stop.


As the unit was to take up retail floor space, it needed to have display space, messaging, ease of moving for cleaning and changing store set-ups, and storage for back stock. Adjustable shelves were also required in order to be able to shift to ongoing packaging changes. Most of all, the units needed to be sturdy and be able to weather a retail environment.


GSP designed a bulk display bin that addressed all the issues at hand and never forgot the most important design feature when designing for a retail location: it had to look good. With changeable inserts, GSP’s candy bin will be able to change with promotions, seasons or annual refreshes.


Sturdy, four-caster posts allow the unit to be moved easily for store cleanings and include dual locking for solid positioning. A six-position adjustable shelf and more than 10 square feet of storage makes this a multi-functional retail fixture, and reduces overall backroom storage requirements.


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