C-stores Join Campaign for Beer Sales In Indiana

Hoosiers for Beverage Choices is appealing to Indiana consumers to join the effort to modernize Indiana’s alcoholic beverage laws.

Hoosiers for Beverage Choices (HBC) is a statewide, consumer-driven effort that is aspiring to change what they call the  “antiquated” liquor laws in Indiana, to allow residents more choice and convenience in how and where they purchase alcoholic beverages.

Through  July 19, more than 1,000 retail locations throughout the state will promote the HBC effort to allow for Sunday carryout sales and cold beer sales at drug, grocery and convenience stores. Retailers will convey the HBC message to customers through in-store displays and advertisements. Customers will also have the opportunity to join the effort by signing a petition in these stores. More than 25,000 Hoosiers have already signed the online petition at www.beveragechoices.com since last August.

“Because alcoholic beverage issues were not discussed during the 2009 legislative session, we want to remind our supporters of our effort and also attract new members,” said Grant Monahan, spokesperson for HBC. “More than 25,000 Hoosiers have joined our effort, and we know that we have only scratched the surface of the support that exists in Indiana for these changes.”

Indiana is one of only 15 states that still prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages on Sunday and is one of only three states that prohibits Sunday carryout sales yet allows for sales at restaurants, taverns and sporting events. Indiana is the only state in the country that allows only  one retail segment-package liquor stores-to sell cold beer.

This monopoly enjoyed by the liquor stores forces Indiana consumers to pay a tax when buying cold beer. The results of an extensive statewide price survey conducted in more than 300 communities and nearly 500 locations found that Indiana consumers pay an average surcharge of $1.07 per case for beer.

“Bringing about common-sense changes to Indiana’s outdated liquor laws will result in lower prices, more convenience, and more choices for Indiana consumers,” said Matt Norris, director of HBC. “The overwhelmingly positive response to the online petition demonstrates the broad support that exists in Indiana for these changes.”

Retailers participating in the current membership campaign include:

—  Kroger
—  Marsh Supermarkets
—  Speedway SuperAmerica
—  Village Pantry
—  McClure
—  Gas America
—  Thorntons
—  SuperTest
—  Circle K
—  Circle A Convenience Stores
—  Huck’s Convenience
—  Ricker’s
—  Mac Food Marts
—  Freedom Express
—  Good to Go
—  Lassus Brothers
—  Jewel/Osco
—  Super Pantry
—  1 Stop Express
—  Fast Max


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