Rixty Partners with Coinstar

Paying for online entertainment without a credit card just got easier for conveneince store custoemrs, thanks to a partnership between Coinstar and Rixty. The e-commerce company launched its new cash-based payment system at more than 10,000 retail locations. Now anyone with cash and coins can convert that money into online purchasing power across an exciting array of entertainment merchants.


Predominantly designed for the youth market, Rixty is a flexible payment option for any age bracket due to its ease of use and accessibility. By rolling out at more than 9,000 Coinstar kiosks in the U.S., users will enjoy the convenience of adding to their online accounts by simply choosing the Rixty option when exchanging their coins for free at local Coinstar machines.


In addition to the Coinstar kiosks, users will also have the option of buying prepaid cards through the in-store racks at more than 1,000 retail locations, including Cumberland Farms and Hess convenience stores.


Realizing that merchants have traditionally faced difficulty reaching younger audiences that often have limited access to more traditional payment forms, such as credit cards, Rixty aims to reduce that transactional friction and allow users to spend freely across a variety of online publishers. 


“Rixty started with the idea that there should be some way to allow online entertainment enthusiasts, particularly the younger generation, the ability to enjoy what’s available without relying on a credit card,” said Ted Sorom, CEO of Rixty. “Our goal is simple: To provide anyone and everyone the freedom to choose how and where they spend their online entertainment dollars.  Rixty does this by converting loose change into online purchasing power.”


Rixty is launching with top publishers in the massively multi-player online (MMO) game space, including Perfect World Entertainment, ijji.com, GamesCampus, Ntreev USA, Ndoors Interactive, Inc., ourWorld.com, and Three Rings Design, publisher of Puzzle Pirates and Whirled. Rixty supports business models from microtransactions to subscriptions and is compatible with all types of online entertainment, including downloadable games, virtual worlds, casual and social games on social networks, digital downloads such as music mp3s, videos and games, mobile games and ringtones.  The cash-based system also empowers the younger audience to take control of their entertainment spending without requiring adult involvement or a bank account.


Merchants have searched for ways to attract new customers who might have previously experienced barriers to entry, which Rixty addresses with a cash option most e-commerce outlets have lacked.  In addition, Rixty offers merchants the opportunity to be “discovered” by showcasing new games and online goods on the Rixty Web site.


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