Consumers Embrace Self-Service Technology


C-store owners know North American consumers are continuing to embrace self-service technology, but a recent study is showing just how popular they’ve become.


Transactions at self-service kiosks are expected to surpass $775 billion in 2009, and could increase to more than $1.6 trillion by 2013, according to a new research study conducted by the IHL Group, an analyst firm and consultancy headquartered in Franklin, Tenn., that serves retailers and retail technology vendors.


”We expect continued double-digit growth in the revenue generated by self-service transactions, particularly as retailers, restaurants, and transportation authorities offer more devices in more locations,” said Lee Holman, lead retail analyst of the IHL Group.
”Most consumers have adapted to self-service as a way of life,” Holman added. “The current recession is actually increasing the acceptance of the technologies, as they are a hedge against increasing labor expenses during a tough economic climate. They allow companies to schedule their workforce for high-volume periods without sacrificing service during non-peak times.”


In the market study, 2009 North American Self-Service Kiosks, IHL examined the increasing use of six types of self-service kiosks where payment is accepted: self-checkout systems, ticketing kiosks, check-in kiosks, food ordering, postal and other retail kiosks. The study is available at


The report covers self-service kiosks in the U.S. and Canada, detailing the number and type of kiosks shipped historically. It also provides forecasts for each type of kiosk, both in terms of units shipped and revenue transacted. In addition, the report highlights best practices and best-in-class machines for each class of kiosk.





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