Tennessee C-store Chain to Offer GPS Fleet Tracking


Pilot Corp. is set to offer GPS Fleet Tracking and Information systems to its Pilot fuel card customers.


Pilot Travel Centers LLC, which operates 304 travel centers in 40 states and Pilot Corp., which operates 41 c-stores, primarily in the Knoxville, Tenn., has entered a co-marketing agreement with PROCON Inc. to begin offering the service.


The program, “Pilot Fleet Tracking Services,” uses GPS technology to give fleet operators the immediate ability to monitor and track all of their vehicles from a Web-based interface. Users can monitor their vehicles every minute on a PC screen. They can also get instant alerts by email or text messages when drivers exceed set guidelines and policies, such as speed limits, travel outside a geofence or use the vehicles during odd-hours.


This results in increased fleet efficiency, lower fuel bills, fraudulent behavior detection, enhanced dispatching and customer services levels. The program also provides convenience because the service fees for the program can easily be added to the monthly fuel card bill of Pilot customers.


“Our customers look to us to provide technologies that can help them efficiently manage their fleets. This product is a great way to provide them with this opportunity-it uses the best available GPS technology,” said Mark Hazelwood, executive vice president of sales and development for Pilot. “We partnered with PROCON Inc. for three reasons: they provide the best equipment and service coverage in the U.S., they are 100% customer focused and they are a Knoxville-based company. PROCON is the leader in providing fleet tracking services.”


“We are thrilled to have Pilot Travel Centers as a marketing partner in offering a fleet tracking solution. For us, this is an ideal program which uses each company’s market and technology strengths,” said Brian Boling, CEO of PROCON. “We also feel this is only the beginning of possible offerings from the two companies. Development continues to help Pilot fleet customers gain even more efficiency with other related GPS solutions.”


Source: PR Web. 




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