Emerson’s Technology Conference Offers Retail Solutions

In an effort to help c-store retailers save money on operating costs, Emerson’s Technology in Action Conference (TAC) is the only conference that presents solutions to many of the problems that are challenging convenience store, supermarket and foodservice operators today. Through a series of online Webcasts, attendees will gain a better perspective of the energy and maintenance saving opportunities available to the industry.


Emerson is offering retailers a series of free virtual conference that is accessible from the convenience of your own office. Spanning several months, the series of Webcasts will be conducted by industry experts, who will highlight savings opportunities and show how Emerson is changing the retail facility management landscape.


In this tough economy, Emerson realizes readers need to minimize expenses and maximize efficiency in the coming year. It is committed to meeting those needs, while at the same time helping you get information on the latest technology.



This year’s virtual conferences will bring together leading retailers to get the latest industry updates via real-time, online discussions. Participants will learn how to increase operational efficiencies and apply the latest technologies to solve the industry’s toughest problems. Retailers will also learn how to reduce the cost of store operations and their associated environmental impact.


These valuable online networking opportunities will run through July 28th.


At the center of our program is the opportunity to save supermarkets $100,000 per year in operational savings in every store, through:


* Easy energy savings

* Significant maintenance savings

* Enhanced asset management

* Compliance capabilities


Visit emersontac.org to register.


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