Rutter’s Ranks No.1


Rutter’s Farms Stores, which operates 56 c-stores in Pennsylvania, beat out McDonald’s, Burger King and Starbucks, placing first in five categories in the York Sunday News’ 2009 “Best of in the York.”


Rutter’s won first place for coffee (Starbucks ranked No. 2); breakfast-quick service (followed by McDonald’s and Burger King, respectively); lunch-quick service (followed by Subway and McDonald’s); and dinner-quick service (Wendy’s was No. 2).


Rutter’s Dairy, which serves Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey, took No. 1 in the milk category-a ranking the company has earned in each of the nine years the survey has been conducted.


“It’s a real testament to the Rutter’s brand and the many people behind it that York Sunday News readers and our customers place it ahead of these national chains with all of their marketing clout,” said Scott Hartman, president and CEO of Rutter’s Farm Stores. “We’re grateful for this recognition, which only makes us want to work harder to earn it again next year.


“We always say that we don’t want to be the biggest dairy, just the best one that we can be,” added Todd Rutter, president of Rutter’s Dairy.  “We appreciate the honor of again being selected the best milk in York.”


Rutter’s Dairy has served York County since 1921. Rutter’s Farm Stores began in 1968 as an outlet for Rutter’s Dairy products.




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