Put Some Bark in Cooler Sales

Retailers looking to build cold vault sales can do so with a purpose. Margo’s Bark Root Beer grew out of Oscar Youd’s elementary school science fair project. Named after the family dog, Margo–a rescued black lab-pit bull mix, the micro-brewed soda stands up to the rigorous tasting standards of a 7-year-old root beer aficionado. Margo and Oscar are the official spokeskid and spokesdog for the beverage. They’re planning on making a cream soda and orange cream soda next after the root beer launches.

This is truly a family passion project and I think theirs is a story worth sharing: a boy, Oscar and his dog–his right paw partner in crime, starting their own business to benefit a great cause. He’s been a part of the entire process from recipe development, to taste testing (his favorite part), to the design and bottling process, supervised by his parents of course. They are already making a commitment and sponsoring the Brittany Foundation and a woman named Michelle Stathe who is raising awareness of the plight of homeless dogs, especially pitbulls, www.dogdaysbook.com.

Margo’s Bark has already rolled out to stores in Los Angeles with a suggested retail price of $1.35 and a wholesale price of $1.

Contact: Tim Youd, (323) 960-1500 or (310) 710-2686

Email: tim@mainst.com

Web: www.margosbark.com


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