Prepaid Program Saves Card-Holders Money

Tampa, Fla.-based LUCKY 777, a program offered by nFinanSe, a financial services company and provider of stored value and prepaid card solutions, is helping hard-working Americans avoid costly check cashing fees.

Through the Lucky 777 program, nFinanSe’s reloadable prepaid cardholders can set up free direct deposit with their employers. Employers will process cardholder direct deposits just like they process any other direct deposit. This cutting-edge program aims to rescue customers from unnecessarily losing any hard-earned money to high-priced check cashing outlets that charge fees ranging from 2-5% of the check value.

“We’ve transformed our already low-cost card into a bank for the 73 million unbanked and underbanked,” said Jerry Welch, chairman and CEO of nFinanSe, “one that keeps their money secure and doesn’t force them to sacrifice up to 5% of their paychecks.”

“For hourly workers earning $500 every two weeks, that’s up to $25 of their paycheck, $50 each month they would have to give up just to access their own money,” he added

Lucky 777 aimed toward helping Americans who either don’t have bank accounts or who are maxed out on their credit cards. Cardholders who sign up for the direct deposit program automatically get $7.77 deposited onto their reloadable prepaid cards at the time of their first direct deposit from an employer.

Last year, nFinanSe launched the nFinanSe Discover® Network reloadable prepaid card, the industry’s lowest cost reloadable prepaid card. The card is currently available at Dollar General locations nationwide, Winn-Dixie grocery stores and MAPCO Express Convenience Stores across the Southeast U.S. It can be purchased for $5.95, carries a monthly maintenance fee of $2.95, can be reloaded for $2.95 and offers free customer service and free text messaging of recent transactions and available card balance.


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