Chocolate and Coffee Unite

Soothing chocolate and sassy coffee unite for a lively combo in Mocha-walla, the new Odwalla food bar that brings together the best of the beans. Mocha-walla perks up its delightfully decadent chocolate with rich java flavors. The newest addition to the Odwalla Bar family is packed with whole grains, real fruit, natural fiber and six essential vitamins and minerals. Mocha-walla will delight with every buzz-worthy bite. Nutrition has never tasted better, as Mocha-walla contains natural fiber as well as folate, iron, calcium and antioxidant vitamins A, C and E. Hitting retailer shelves nationally in June, consumers can expect to find Mocha-walla along with other Odwalla bars, including Chocolate Chip Peanut, Banana Nut and Berries GoMega.

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