Consumers Concerned Over Gas Prices


A majority of consumers are planning road trips this summer and gas is the top expense they are budgeting for, according to a study conducted by Harris Interactive® on behalf of Petrofix. Some 92% of respondents noted finding the lowest-priced gas during their trip will be important.


Petrofix, an online service that controls gas prices for individuals and small businesses, also found that almost all consumers are concerned about rising gas prices in the next year.
 Of the 93% of adults who buy gas, 82% said if gas prices rise within the next year, they will control their gas spending. 


The survey also found:


  • 68% of adults plan to take a road trip this summer; 82% of married adults with children 17 and under plan to take a road trip this summer
  • 35% of adults who are going on a road trip this summer cited gas as the most important thing for which to budget.
  • 92% of adults who are taking a road trip this summer noted it is at least somewhat important for them to find the lowest-priced gas; 67% said it was important or very important
  • 93% of adults are at least somewhat concerned that gas prices will increase in the next year; 62% are concerned or very concerned
  • Out of the adults who spend money on gas, 82% said they would take steps to control money spent on gas if gas prices increased over the next 12 months
  • Out of the 82% who said they would take steps control their gas expenses, 40% would look for ways to cap the amount of money spent on gas.


Source: PR News Web. 




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