More Loose Tobacco Cigarettes for Less


Recent tax increases on tobacco products, have prompted Commonwealth Brands, Inc., Bowling Green, Ky., an Imperial Tobacco Group company and the fourth largest tobacco company in the U.S., to introduce a revised portfolio of finely-crafted loose tobacco. 


The brands, McClintock, Rave and Premier, have all been modified to offer customers and consumers more cost saving by allowing them to make more cigarettes per ounce than they would with traditional loose tobacco. The product will continue to provide the great flavor, smokability and ease of tubing consumers enjoyed with the previous tobacco. When tested, 89% of consumers even preferred the new blend of tobacco compared to the previous blend.


“Commonwealth Brands recognizes the effects customers and consumers are feeling from the tax increase,” said Tim Jones, vice president of marketing for Commonwealth Brands, in a press release. “Our new, enhanced tobacco consistently performed better when tested against other tobacco brands, and is sure to be eagerly welcomed among MYO/RYO consumers.”   


Commonwealth’s existing Premier, McClintock and Rave brands will be offered in Full Flavor, Light Taste and Menthol flavors; Rave will also be available in Menthol Light Taste and Ultra Light Taste. Each of the brands is available in medium and large bags. In addition to loose tobacco, each brand offers tubes that are available in varying styles.




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