7-Eleven Borrows Japanese Mascot

Domo, the popular chocolate Twinkie-like Japanese character that Target used for a Halloween promo last year, is now teaming up with 7-Eleven, Brandweek reported.


A six-week program, begining Oct. 1, will include a proprietary Domo Slurpee in Red Apple flavor, which will be sold in a still-in-development brown-flocked cup to match the creature’s coat. Special straws featuring detachable fuzzy Domos in hip hop and wrestling costumes are being discussed. A Domo Attack! energy drink and other licensed mercandising also is being considered.


Why Red Apple? “Because Domo doesn’t like apples,” Rich Collins, CEO of Big Tent Entertainment told Brandweek. He described the deal as a 360 program that’s a perfect match for 7-Eleven’s teens and young adults. Big Tent currently serves as Domo’s worldwide marketing and licensing agent outside of Asia.


 “Domo lends itself well to the store and our proprietary products and our consumers who… love crazy Japanese (stuff),” said Evan Brody, marketing manager for Slurpee and Big Gulp Brands.


Marketing will include Webisodes this fall that relay Domo’s quest for a Slurpee and how he gets a brain freeze in the process.


Domo was hatched from an egg and has a habit of passing gas. Domo began as the mascot for Japanese TV station NHK, and caught on as a viral sensation with cameos in Web videos. He’s best known in the U.S. for his video shorts on Nickelodeon.


Licensee Dark Horse will produce a line of exclusive Domo designer toys and Tokyopop will debut an abbreviated version of its fall-release Domo Manga comic book for 7-Eleven. Phase 4 will launch the first Domo DVD in the U.S., which will be a roundup of shorts, Webisodes, fan-created animations, commercials, Japanese spots and other quirky products.


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