Lots of Food, No Gas

The 68th 7-Eleven convenience store in West Virginia officially opened this week, offering one unique distinction: it is the only 7-Eleven in the state that does not offer gas pumps, the Charleston Daily Mail reported.


“It is a small lot,” Jeffrey Kramer, CEO and manager of 85 7-Eleven stores, including some in the bordering states of Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kentucky told the Charleston Daily Mail. “We usually try to have gas for convenience.”   


While the lot does not offer enough room for gas sales, it does have room to provide foodservice in addition to the usual convenience store finds. The foodservice area offers subs, pizza and hot dogs, made hot to order, four tables, 16 chairs and restrooms.


“I am chief cook and bottle washer,” Kramer said. “(7-Eleven) is a well-recognized name worldwide. The coffee is important. The Slurpee is important. There are certain standard things. People know what to expect. I always liked the people appeal of the business.”


Kramer said the traffic flow in the new store, the variety of products, friendliness of the staff and cleanliness of the store, will all contribute to a successful business.


Customers still like convenience and treats, he said. Also, store brands under the name “7-Select” have been added now that can be sold at a lower cost including “7-Select” candies, beef jerky and chips.


“A convenience store has an advantage because we are not dependent on one item,” Kramer said.   


The new 7-Eleven will be open 24 hours a day with 10 employees.


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