Dresser Wayne Upgrades Pump Security

Dresser Wayne, a provider of fuel dispensers and technologies, said its iX Pay Secure Payment retrofit kits for Dresser Wayne and Tokheim fuel dispensers are now available to industry retailers.


Certified to the most stringent level of Payment Card Industry (PCI) Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP) requirements, the upgradeable kits help to protect motorists against payment card fraud and help fuel retailers protect their site investments.


Using the iX Pay Secure Payment retrofit kits, fuel retailers can bring their dispensers into compliance with the stringent PCI EPP 2.0 payment security specification. The first to be offered in the industry, the iX Pay Secure Payment capability has been shipping in new factory-built Dresser Wayne dispensers since January 2009.


“The recent PCI Encrypting PIN Pad payment security mandates are a critical issue for fuel retailers,” said Tim Weston, product manager for payment technologies. “We have developed a solution that addresses payment security concerns and has been designed with upgradeability and serviceability features. This helps protect motorists and reduces the total cost of ownership for the retailer.”


The iX Pay Secure Payment solution, including both hardware and software, provides fuel retailers with lower total-cost-of-ownership and helps to future-proof-the-forecourt.


Key benefits for fuel retailers include:

* Ability to meet regulatory requirements — The only PCI EPP 2.0-compliant payment solution that seamlessly integrates into Dresser Wayne and Tokheim dispensers for a streamlined appearance, enhanced durability, and efficient maintenance for lower total cost of ownership.

* Technology simplification and standardization — Designed to use the same payment components across dispenser model lines, standardizing support components and further simplifying maintenance and cost of ownership.

* Flexibility, modularity and upgradeability — A modular design that allows retailers to cost-effectively add new capabilities to meet future security regulations, and supports optional features, such as iX Media in-dispenser multimedia promotions that can help increase in-store sales.


iX Pay Secure Payment retrofit kits for existing Dresser Wayne Ovation series dispensers are currently available for installation in the U.S. and Canada. Support for select Dresser Wayne Vista and Tokheim Premier dispensers is planned for mid-2009. 


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